What is emotional hunger

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As you can guess, emotional hunger is an eating disorder that is related to the emotions and feelings that a person has at that moment. Many people who can experience an insatiable desire to eat at one time of day are knowing why this happens and feeling bad a few minutes later when realizing the binge that has stuck. Emotional hunger occurs in people who experience emotions such as sadness, stress, or boredom.

Given this, the person in question goes to food as a possible solution to their emotional problems. It is true that at the same time of eating it helps to raise your mood and feel better. But after minutes you feel bad again for what you have eaten. So it becomes a vicious circle that is very difficult to go out. The difference between physical hunger is that it is caused by a need for the body while in the case of emotional, hunger comes on suddenly and needs to be satiated quickly.

Profile of the person suffering from emotional hungeremotional hunger

A person who is emotionally unstable has all the ballots to suffer this type of eating disorder. They are usually people who have problems with weight and who cannot lose the kilos they need. Their emotional state falters and they try to calm their pessimism and sadness through food.

These people come to think that the problem of everything is emotional and that they fail to lose the desired weight due to their low self-esteem or the stress to which they are continually subjected. The guilt they feel at all hours of the day, makes them want to eat suddenly without taking into account the fatal consequences of said act.

People with this eating disorder have a little culture about everything around food. They have not followed a healthy and balanced diet so they have had weight problems regularly. Depression and anxiety are also quite significant without features of people suffering from so-called emotional hunger.

Consequences of emotional hungeremotional hunger

Emotional hunger will have a series of consequences for the person who suffers it both physically and psychologically. In the psychological aspect, the patient suffers, among other things. Low self-esteem, low tolerance for frustration or a quite significant emotional maladjustment. All this triggers continuous episodes of anxiety and depression that must be treated as soon as possible.

From the physical point of view, the most important and visible consequence is considerable weight gain. Continuously ingesting a large number of calories makes the person gain weight by leaps and bounds. If this goes further and is not treated in time. It can cause the patient to have serious health problems. Such as hypertension, increased cholesterol or diabetes.

How to deal with emotional hunger

emotional hunger

If the person does not realize the problem they have. They will enter a vicious circle from which it will be very difficult to leave. Given this, it is advisable to go quickly to a professional who is capable of solving such a problem. Following a type of diet that is as healthy as possible without the presence of ultra-processed or sugar-rich products is key in avoiding such an eating disorder. Playing sports regularly and maintaining good social relationships are key since they help a person avoid isolating himself in his world and choose food as an escape route from all his problems.

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