Wooden sheds for the garden

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The garden area is also part of the functional spaces of our home. If we have a large garden it is possible to make the most of it. There are many things that we can do in a large garden and one of them is to put up a wooden house. The wooden huts are annexes that have many purposes.

These wooden huts can have various uses, depending on what we need. So it is a great idea to use them to give more service to our home and our garden. We are going to see what sheds we can put in the garden and also what uses we can give it.

Why use a wooden shedWooden sheds

The wooden sheds are ideal for the garden. The wood is a natural material that offers great performance. Currently, there are woods that have been treated so that they can endure outside in perfect condition. However, we must know that many of the wooden huts that we see are simply imitations of this material. Some are even made of PVC or aluminum. But this wooden aesthetic is chosen precisely because the natural touch it gives to the garden makes it better blend in with this outdoor space.

Also, if you get a wooden house, you can paint it as you wish. The wooden sheds are pieces that can be renewed or changed at our whim. In this sense, it is common to see them painted according to the taste of each person. A trend tells us that it is common to paint them white to give them light.

Uses of wooden shedsWooden sheds

The wooden sheds can have various uses. There are many sizes, so they can be chosen according to capacity. Normally we have a common use that is to serve as storage for all kinds of garden utensils. From storing outdoor furniture in winter to storing lawnmowers or tools. It is a way of having all this stored in a commonplace and near the garden. So when we need it we will only have to go to the wooden house.

Another use that the sheds can have is as a garage. The larger ones can hold cars but are generally used for motorcycles. They contain motorcycles or bicycles that obviously we cannot keep at home. If our house does not have a garage, this house can serve this purpose.

Another purpose of these booths is to serve as an extra room. It is possible to create a guest room outside, as this gives us more capacity if we do not have any at home. But we can also use the room as a playroom for children. So when we are in the garden they will have a special place to play. Another idea is to convert this wooden shed into an office. It will be away from the hustle and bustle of the house and so we can concentrate much better, both to study and to work. This room can also be for leisure. That is, we can add to it a good television, a billiard or something that we like to have a corner to escape to once in a while.

How to choose the wooden shedsWooden sheds

When choosing the wooden huts we have many options, especially in terms of size. The smallest usually measure four to ten square meters. In these, you can store the utensils that we have. But there are larger ones, up to forty square meters, to give them various uses as extra rooms.

When choosing these booths we also find that there are some that bring us wood treated with fungicides and insecticides, which are made to withstand humidity as well. However, they are also sold untreated. So we must keep this in mind, because those that have not been treated must be varnished and given fungicide treatment to avoid pests and that they spoil in a short time. This is especially important in case we live in places with high humidity.

Place the wooden sheds

When it comes to placing these booths, we have to know some things. They should not be placed in grass or dirt areas without further ado. The ground must be stable and therefore it is sometimes better to make a cement base. On the other hand, they should be placed about half a meter from any hedge and tree to avoid humidity and problems. This will keep it longer. Typically these booths come with simple panel wood mounting systems that assemble quickly. You have to put insulation on the roof to prevent moisture from passing when it rains.

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