Flirting with your eyes: how to do it successfully?

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Do you think it can be linked with the look, or that something else is necessary? In this article, we offer you some keys to maximize the power of your gaze when it comes to arousing interest in another person, and when learning to modulate it. Today we share how to flirting with your eyes.

Also, at the end of the article, we also analyze the interpretation that we can give to different reactions that the other person has when we look at them, and what message these responses may contain.

The power of the gaze

They say that the gaze is a door to the soul. Through it, we can know many things about the person who is looking at us … there are all kinds of looks, and these also change depending on the moment and/or the emotional state of the person. Looking with anger is not the same as looking with desire, passion or indifference.

Thus, the information that a glance can transmit to us is enormous, especially if that glance is sincere. This is so because the looks are usually very expressive, although it depends on the type of person. Eye contact is one of the weapons of seduction, which we use in many cases to transmit things to the other person and awaken something in them.

If we learn to use the gaze well, and we accompany it with other aspects or actions that we will see in this article, we will be able to seduce someone effectively, or if not, to arouse their interest in us. Flirting with your eyes, but, it is not easy, and we must take into account several aspects.

First of all, clarify that this article is not intended to be a link manual, far from it. We are simply going to talk about the power of the gaze when seducing, and some aspects concerning it that you can enhance so that it has a more marked effect on the other person.

On the other hand, when we talk about seducing, we also refer to arousing the interest of another person, beyond a sexual or loving sense … although it is true that throughout the article we will frequently refer to the action of flirting.

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Flirting with your eye on how to do it effectively?

But how do you link with your eyes? And above all, how to do it successfully? We are going to analyze some aspects that can help us achieve this:

1. AttitudeFlirting with your eyes

The first thing that we must be clear about when linking with the gaze is that the gaze that we project or that we direct to the other must be accompanied by an attitude in us and that this attitude must go according to what we are trying to transmit with the look. Simply “looking” is not the same as looking with desire or passion, for example.

Thus, the attitude has a lot to do with the purpose of our gaze and with the emotion that we both want to transmit and that we want to awaken in the other.

We must ask ourselves, what exactly do we want to awaken in the other? Do we want to arouse interest? Wish? Curiosity? And based on it “adjust” our gaze. For this, we can practice in the mirror.

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2. Time

On the other hand, the idea is that the look we give to another person lasts only a few seconds (even thousandths of seconds). That is, very long looks are not effective, because they can cause just the opposite effect, that the other person is overwhelmed or intimidated.

3. intensity

Another aspect to take into account to link with the gaze is the intensity of it and how we modulate it. This characteristic is not easy to define, since how do we measure the intensity of a gaze? It is a matter, in a way, of common sense.

We can look very intensely (fixedly, without blinking, with an accompanying facial expression …) or, at its opposite end, look “without more”, in passing and without too much fun.

So the intensity of flirting with the gaze also has to do with the duration of the gaze and with the facial expression as a whole, among others. The ideal, then, will be to find a midpoint in this intensity; for this, we can practice in a mirror, for example.

4. Body language Flirting with your eyes

The gaze is one of the elements of body language (within a non-verbal language), but there are more.

So to connect with the gaze effectively, we must also attend to other aspects of our body that accompany that gaze, so that they are coherent with it (that is, the idea is that there is a certain harmony between our gaze and the rest of the body).

We must think that the gaze largely defines our facial expression and our face since it is one of its key points. Therefore, we should look at:

4.1. Smile

Do we want to accompany our gaze with a smile? If so, what type? A mischievous smile perhaps? Everything is important when it comes to flirting!

4.2. Position

What body posture will accompany that look? Ideally, it should be a natural posture and never forced.

4.3. Gestures

What gestures will accompany our smile? We must also keep this aspect in mind and modulate it so that it is consistent with our gaze and our expression. Let us remember that if the different elements of verbal language “agree”, our message will arrive more effectively and more credibly.

4.4. Hands

The position of the hands is also important, although not always in excess. It all depends on the context in which we are flirting with the other person. Thus, it is not the same to be standing than sitting, far away as close, in a cinema than in a museum, etc.

5. Set your goal

But, none of the aforementioned is useful when it comes to flirting with your eyes if you have not previously set your “goal”. This includes finding the time to turn that gaze to that special person; so, first of all, you should get that look match.

How to interpret the other’s reaction?

Flirting with your eyes

Okay, okay … we have put into practice our best look at that person who steals our sleep, but … what happened then? What has she done Different situations can occur. We show you some of them and how to interpret them.

1. Keep your gaze

It may be that, while we looked at him, the other person also kept his gaze on ours. What can this mean? One possibility is that we have interested her, or that at least we have aroused a certain curiosity in her.

2. Take your eyes off

The opposite can also happen, and that is to look away. If you do it right at the moment when eye contact occurs, this may be a sign of embarrassment or intimidation.

If you do it a little later, it may mean the same or, simply, that we have bothered you or that you have no interest in us (although it is early to judge). It will also depend on whether it was the first time we did it or not.

3. Withdraw your gaze and fix it again

If the other person removes his gaze, to fix it on us again, this may be an indicator of interest.

4. Game of looks and smiles

On the other hand, when it comes to flirting with the gaze if the other person reacts by “playing” with his gaze as well and is accompanied by a smile, this seems to be a good indication that he likes you or, simply, that he has an interest in meeting you.

5. Avoid looking and never look again

If the other person not only withdraws his gaze once you establish eye contact, but also avoids your gaze, and does not look at you again, this is a probable indication that he is not interested in you.

Logically, this and the previous tips should be analyzed in their global context and taking into account other aspects of the interaction, so they are only intended to offer guidance when interpreting the game of glances and the reaction of the other person.

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