Unusual Jobs You Can Get That Almost No One Knows About

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If you like living outside the norms of society and all its expectations, you may want to pursue a career that is just as original as you are. Rather than seek a position in a building that works you five days a week, look into these unique and very unusual jobs. Imagine the dinner conversations you can have when someone asks what you do for a living!

1. Human Statue

If you want to make up to $350 an hour, find a job as a living statue. From street mimes to fashion models, this is a career for those that don’t mind standing very still for long periods. Depending on the job, you may be allowed to talk to customers, but most want stone-still, human mannequins for an advertising program.

2. Food Scientist

You may never have heard about food scientists, but they work to keep your food bacteria-free while making sure it is nutritious. Sometimes called flavor gurus, taste testers, or trial clinicians, these individuals do food experiments, extensive research, and packaging tests to make sure you enjoy the food you buy. The food scientist makes up to $60 an hour.

3. Cartoon Illustrator

Can you draw? If so, look at a career in illustration. A cartoon illustration Chicago IL career can be found in advertising, book printing, and animation. Making up to $80 an hour, the illustrator can use humor to reflect the world as it changes.

4.  Cast Ocularist

A genuinely unique profession, the ocularist makes and fits glass eyes for people that need the prosthetic. From measuring the eye socket to placing the new eye, the ocularist does it all for up to $60 an hour.

You don’t have to settle for a regular job when you live your life beyond normal limits. Choose a career that will cause raised eyebrows when you tell them what you do. You only have one life – so make it unusual!

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