Concealed Carry Clothes for Men

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In the United States, the Second Amendment to the Constitution allows for the right to have guns. Most of the states are required to issue people concealed carry permits, under a variety of conditions. Once you have this permit, you are legally able to carry certain types of guns on your person. Below are some of the best clothing options for keeping a gun on you while also staying comfortable.


There are a variety of undercover clothes that can help to conceal guns, one of them being a specialized t-shirt with a pocket and strap to keep a gun attached to the shirt. When wearing one of these shirts, the gun will be easily in reach at all times. However, it is important to wear a jacket or sweatshirt over the shirt if you want the gun to be hidden.


Just about any jacket with inside pockets makes for a great concealed carry clothing piece. The pockets in the jacket should be large enough to fit the gun comfortably. When carrying a gun in a jacket pocket, it’s best not to carry anything else in the pocket. When possible, keep the gun unloaded and the safety on to prevent accidents.


Did you know that some underwear also has pockets especially for concealed carry weapons? With these shorts, fitting similarily to boxer briefs, you can put the gun in the strap and wear them as usual. Just wear pants or shorts over the underwear to conceal the weapon.

It should be noted that whenever you carry a concealed weapon that you should be as careful as possible. Again, when possible, keep the gun unloaded and ALWAYS keep the gun’s safety on when you are not using it. Carrying a gun on your person requires a lot of responsibility and self-control. It’s in your best interest, and in the best interest of everyone around you, to be as safe as possible with your concealed carry weapon.

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