What Are The Most Common Issues With Old Windows?

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Like just about anything else, the older it gets the more issues that can develop. It’s that way with our bodies and health and it’s the same thing with our windows. We all slow down just a bit as we age, the windows in our homes can also begin to break down and operate without the ease of functionality they once had.

But it’s more than just the window becoming tougher to open and close or failing to function at all, the very features and advantages that made you purchase them in the first place may no longer be there for you to enjoy any more.

Your windows are supposed to provide energy efficiency to your home, prevent inclement weather from causing any damage to the inside of the home, and offer aesthetically pleasing accouterments to the exterior of the property.

To tell you the truth, most of us don’t often think too long and hard about the windows in our homes until there’s a specific issue to deal with. Even then, if that issue isn’t what you’d classify as necessarily urgent, most homeowners let it remain until a later date. The number one problem with that approach is the potential risk of further, more costly, damage that might occur.

Even a small problem can become something much bigger in a relatively small period of time, depending on the type of issue you’re dealing with (or not dealing with as the case may be all too often).

Sometimes, the homeowner doesn’t even realize there’s a problem to address, so in order to make consumers more aware of the potential threats that exist, we’ve gathered this list of the most common issues that can affect old windows.

Broken PanesMost Common Issues With Old Windows

Glass can break rather easily and when even one pane in your window gets fractured or cracked, it’s not just an eyesore but it can also compromise the operational integrity of the entire window. Unfortunately, too many homeowners will allow a broken pane to remain without having it repaired, especially if another pane of glass is keeping the wind and rain from getting in.

But this is a bad idea because while another pane may be left intact that outer pane must still be fixed so as to avoid any air or moisture from leaking in and keeping the window energy efficient. That’s because a leak of any kind is going to allow air from the inside to escape out as readily as the air from the outside getting in.

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Failing Window Seals

A leak can also come about when the seal in the window has broken down. This can happen due to things like wear and tear or a corrosion of the seal. You can typically tell a seal has failed when you start to detect condensation between the glass panes.

Another symptom of failing seals is when you notice your heating and cooling costs have risen in a short period of time. However, you may not identify the problem until it’s been happening for a number of months and you’ve already spent a lot more on your utility bills than necessary.

Inoperable WindowsMost Common Issues With Old Windows

One of the ways you know it’s time you need to consider installing windows to replace your current older models is that you simply can’t open or close them as easily as you once did. Many of the windows that are available on the market work in a variety of different ways. Each one comes with their own unique set of potential functionality problems.

Whether it’s an issue with the hardware you use to work the window or it’s some sort of damage to the frame preventing it from opening or closing correctly, there may be any number of possible diagnoses that must be addressed.

The good news is that most of these issues have corresponding solutions to solve the functionality challenges you may be dealing with on your current windows Tacoma. Many of these fixes can be easy to implement and even affordable to have performed, whether it’s something you can do yourself or hire a contractor to do.

As you may have guessed, not all of these issues can be handled with these repairs. If you find that your windows aren’t going to respond to these fixes, you may ultimately decide that you need to have replacement windows installed in your home instead.

These issues are just some of the most common you might be facing as your windows get older, year in and year out. Now that you know what to look for, you can address them before they become too big to handle.

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