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It’s not just because it’s cool. The simple reason – it is very effective. And the reason it’s effective is that your audience loves video content. That’s why we want to share some video editing tips that will help you wow your audience (and open their wallets).

Whether it’s a video presentation or a video sales letter, a well-edited video can be the difference between success and failure. And since we don’t want your next video to flop, we’ve compiled a list of video editing tips to help you create an award-winning marketing video.

Video Editing Tips – Secrets to a Successful Promotional Video

Are you ready to enchant your audience with your next promotional video? So pay close attention to these video editing tips that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Use the Right Computer (and Accessories)

Learn video editing tips

As they say, a worker is only as good as his tools. For video editing, having the right hardware is crucial to producing high-quality videos. While we won’t get into the Mac vs PC debate (of course, everyone knows the Mac rules ), it’s important that your PC has:

Quick storage. SSD is faster than a Hard Drive (HDD). While it costs more, it is definitely worth it as it will save you time. If your budget allows, go for an NVMe SSD over a SATA SSD as the former is much faster.

Processor. Look for a powerful processor with a higher number of cores (16/18 is the sweet spot). This will make rendering faster.

RAM. Look for a computer with plenty of RAM (8GB or more is better) as this will make caching faster.

Video card. While video cards guarantee good output to monitors, a good one will ensure that you can pay more attention to the smallest details while you work.

Getting the right hardware for video editing will ensure that you work quickly, efficiently, and most of all, without frustration. As a result, your final product will be an Oscar-worthy work of art.

Choose Your Video Editing Program Wisely

Now that you have the right hardware, you next need to make sure you have the right editing software. Most free video editing apps offer everything you need to do regular video editing. But one piece of advice from most professional content creators is to opt for a paid version. That’s because a paid version offers:

  • Greater flexibility.
  • More options.
  • No watermarks or (annoying) ads.
  • Support for when you get stuck.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a video editing software, you need to consider factors like ease of use and a strong set of features. These are essential to help you work smoothly. Whatever you do, get a paid video editing app – it will save you a lot of time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Learn The Important Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are exactly what the name suggests – shortcuts. They make your life easier by shaving a few seconds off some of the most repetitive video editing tasks. And when editing a video, every second counts. There are tons of tips and tricks to help you master essential video editing shortcuts. However, you can always create the shortcuts that suit you best.

Does learning keyboard shortcuts seem like a lot of work? Then consider investing in an editing keyboard. This is just an ordinary QWERTY keyboard, but with shortcut icons on the keys.

Preparation = (Almost) Perfection

Video editing is one of the most challenging tasks in the entire production process. This is because it involves creating clarity out of chaos. That’s why one of the biggest mistakes you can make when editing a video is to start before you prepare your assets. These are the items you will have:

  • Audio files (including your out-of-sync track)
  • logos
  • Other images
  • documents
  • Sources

By making sure you prepare all the tools and resources you need to edit your video, you will reduce the chances of making mistakes. It also increases the chances that your video will turn out perfectly.

Your Storyboard Is Your Best Friend

Contrary to popular belief, a storyboard is not just reserved for the recording of videos. Keeping your storyboard handy during post-production is one of the best favors you can do for yourself while editing a video. Referring to your storyboard as you edit your video can help you:

  • Know which pieces should go together
  • Know where to cut the clips
  • Know where to insert other elements

Plus, editing with your storyboard at hand can also help you quickly spot and fix mistakes you might otherwise miss. And as you well know, a good reputation is the best asset that any company can have.

Design an Efficient Workflow

One of the best video editing tips that you should follow is to create an efficient workflow. Have a process to follow. And not just any process, but the most agile and efficient process. A great way to do this is:

  • Stick to storyboards.
  • Use checklists.
  • Organize your items in advance.
  • Shoot with editing in mind.

The most important factor in maintaining an efficient workflow is understanding that it is unique to you. While you can adopt the processes of other editors, you must find your own rhythm.

Avoid Digital Zoom

When you shoot your video, move the camera as close to your subject as possible. You must do this to avoid digital zoom. In fact, avoid it whenever you can.


Because it will make your video look pixelated and it will reduce the quality of your video. Therefore, get closer (physically) to the elements you want to focus on. Alternatively, use optical zoom by adjusting your lens. This will give your video a better and more realistic finish.

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