Helpful Tips For Cleaning Your Painted Walls

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Painting your home is something you want to do only once. You hire your painting company Midlothian and painstakingly compare shades of colors for days or even weeks before finally making your selection.

Now that your walls are painted, you want to be sure they look their best for as long as possible. That means being extremely careful about not only making sure your walls stay nice and clean but taking particular steps towards cleaning them properly. Without fading or damaging the paint in any way.

However, the type of paint you select can play a role in how you go about cleaning it. Certain types of paint are more susceptible to potential damage from cleaning than others. So here are some helpful tips for cleaning your walls that have been painted with various types of finishes and elements:

Maintaining Your Walls

No matter what kind of paint has been used for painting your walls, you need to practice some good routine maintenance every now and again to keep them looking fresh. The best way to do this is by vacuuming your walls.

Yes, you read that correctly. Grab one of the brush attachments included with your vacuum cleaner (preferably the softest and mildest of the bunch) and run it across the walls gently. After that use a soft cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly.

And don’t forget, any marks, smudges, or fingerprints should be cleaned off as soon as you find them.

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Paint Finishes

Wall paints come in all types of finishes, but most of them fall into one of two categories: flat or glossy. Each one will have some bearing on how you decide to clean the wall because the cleaning method you choose can beautify or mar the appearance of your wall.

Flat finishes, satin, and eggshell textures are easier to damage when you try to clean walls painted with these types of paints. So always avoid any harsh or abrasive chemicals or solvents and don’t scrub with a lot of elbow grease. Be gentle and also be mindful that you’re not using to much water in your soft sponge either.

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Glossy finishes are a lot more durable so you can use cleansers that are built to cut grease, but watch what you use to do the work. Anything abrasive can scratch the finish so always use something soft in the form of a cloth or towel.

Latex Paints

Much like with the other paints above, you want to be very gentle with latex paint. Use warm water and a mild cleanser. Only clean the walls with a soft sponge and be sure that you have wrung out all excess water before you start to wipe. Be careful around outlets and fixtures, too much water could damage those items.

Oil-Based PaintsHelpful Tips For Cleaning

Here you have a paint that needs to be cleaned with something a little stronger than a mild detergent. You should go with white vinegar instead. Oil-based finishes that have ragged textures might need to be dusted and then cleaned with Borax to get into those nooks and crannies.

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