How to make a water garden

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Water reflects light, decorates, and enlivens the garden. Discover the different arrangements and plants suitable for a water garden!

Water is a symbol of wealth in the garden. The French gardens and the Italian Renaissance gardens bear witness to this! Today, it has become accessible to the greatest number. From the basin to the fountain, here is how to set up water points in your garden.

What are the characteristics of a water garden?How to make a water garden

PoolHow to make a water garden

The landscaped basin is a geometrically shaped water point (curved or straight), whether vegetated or not. It adapts as well to a modern house as to an authentic residence. It will take a Japanese look with a pontoon and Koï carp, or contemporary, with a sleek, rectangular design and decorated with water blades. For a more natural effect, we put on the surrounding plantations! It is an opportunity to recreate a small landscape in miniature, by adding a few rocks.


The advantage of fountains is that they are easier to install than a basin. They display very different styles! Built of bamboo and natural rocks, the fountain enhances a Japanese garden. In a mirror, glass, aluminum, or smooth stone, it gives itself a more contemporary air. It sometimes has several levels of water and lights. It also fits on accessories such as a large terracotta pot. Sometimes fountains can be attached to walls, for water walls or rain curtains.

Waterfalls and water jetsHow to make a water garden

What we like about water is above all its soothing noise and its bright eddies. Its flow offers a very relaxing sound background. The water jets bring a spectacular side to your garden. There are discreet ones, a few centimeters high, others higher, and with more pressure.

The waterfall is a little more imposing. It is inspired or imitates the natural waterfalls which offer spectacular landscapes. Depending on the materials chosen and their arrangement, it may take on a natural or very modern appearance. It can accompany a staircase or fall from a high point. Plants will give it a natural, almost tropical appearance. Conversely, it can form a fairly smooth, more modern, and design path.

What plants in a water garden?How to make a water garden

Aquatic plants

Immersed in water, these plants delight in your pond. The water hyacinth has purple flowers while the white clover reveals white flowers. Blue enthusiasts will appreciate the forget-me-not aquatic and Pontederia. We do not forget the lotus and the water lily, true emblems of aquatic plants. The latter two are to be reserved for deep pools, at least 20 cm for water lilies, except for the miniature varieties. In all cases, avoid the current and water jets near aquatic species.

Riverbank plantsHow to make a water garden

These find their place near the water point. If they like moist soil, they are not immersed in water. One of the best known is the marsh iris with its yellow flowers. It is accompanied by horsetail, rush, acaulis primroses, or ornamental rhubarb which offers spectacular foliage.

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