Types of vehicles We clarify this with this brief classification

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One of the things you probably never stopped to think about is the number of types of vehicles that exist.

Although we usually give you some tips to pass the theoretical driving test, this is still one of the stones that usually gets in the way of our students. In fact, GO !!! We have a driving school dictionary available to anyone who needs it, but sometimes it is necessary to review some terms, typologies or classifications. This is the case of the types of vehicles, so we wanted to make a brief and synthetic classification. We hope you find it helpful.

Types of vehicles A brief classification

Light vehicles

Animal traction vehicle

The one that is dragged by animals.

BicycleTypes of vehicles

Two-wheel cycle

MopedTypes of vehicles

The two-wheeled vehicle, with pedals and equipped with a small displacement engine.


Two-wheeled car or with sidecar.

MotocarroTypes of vehicles

A three-wheeled vehicle equipped with a box or platform for transporting things.

3-wheel carTypes of vehicles

Three-wheeled vehicle and quadricycles.


Generally four-wheeled vehicle for very specific uses. It is used mainly off-road, with steering system using handlebars in which the driver sits astride and equipped with a traction system suitable for off-road use. Its speed may be limited depending on its technical characteristics or use.

Heavy vehicles (commercial and passenger cars)


Automobile specially conceived and built for the transport of people and with capacity up to 9 seats, including the driver.

Bus or coach

MMA 3,500 kg

Automobile for the transport of more than 9 people including the driver, whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3,500 kg.

MMA 3,500 kg truck

The one that has a cabin with capacity up to 9 seats, not integrated into the rest of the body, and whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3,500 kg.

MMA 3,500 kg van and van

Automobile intended for the transport of goods whose cabin is integrated into the rest of the body with a maximum authorized mass equal to or less than 3,500 kg.

Derived from tourism

A motor vehicle intended for services or exclusive transport of goods; derived from tourism which preserves the body and has only one row of seats.

Adaptive mixed vehicle

Automobile specially arranged for the transport, simultaneously or not, of goods and people up to a maximum of 9 including the driver, and in which the load can be replaced, partially or totally, by people by adding a seat.

types of vehicles

Special and agricultural vehicles

Farm tractorTypes of vehicles

Special self-propelled vehicle, with two or more axles, designed and built to drag or push implements, machinery or agricultural trailers.

MotocultorTypes of vehicles

Special self-propelled, single-axle vehicle, blimp by a driver who marches on foot. Certain monocultures can also be directed from a seat incorporated to a trailer or agricultural machine or to an apparatus or auxiliary frame with wheels.


Special self-propelled vehicle with two or more axles conceived and built to carry agricultural machines.

TractocarroTypes of vehicles

Special self-propelled vehicle with two or more axles, specially designed for field transport of agricultural products.

Agricultural trailer

Special transport vehicle, dragged by an agricultural tractor, motocultor, carrier or automotive agricultural machine. Agricultural semitrailers are also included.

Automotive Agricultural Machine

Special self-propelled vehicle, with two or more axles, conceived and built for agricultural work.

Towed agricultural machine

Special vehicle designed and built to carry out agricultural work, and that, to move and maneuver must be dragged or pushed by a tract, motor cultivator, carrier or automotive agricultural machine.

Other vehicles

Among the other vehicles are, for example, those of MMA equal to or greater than 3,500 kg or vehicles for specific tasks such as a sweeper, trolleybus or pumper, among others.

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