4 Ways a Screen Door Adds Charm to Your Home

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Summertime is the season of long days, cool lemonade and spending lots of time outdoors. Flapping screen doors have always been part of summer with kids running inside and out making the doorway a virtual thoroughfare. Now that you own your own home, why not bring back a few of those memories? Here are four ways a screen door adds charm to your home today.

Easy to Install

Screen doors are very lightweight and easy to install. With just one helper to hold the door for you, you can drill a few holes and have your door working in a matter of minutes. Screen doors can be installed on either the right or left side and can then be painted whatever color you like.

Fragrant Wood

Screen doors are crafted from different kinds of wood including Western red cedar. A cedar screen door is especially fragrant, and also maintains its shape. It’s also smooth, known for its lovely pink color and even its ability to repel insects and rodents–in case they decide to come knocking.

It Adds Nostalgia

Everyone loves nostalgic items and a screen door certainly fits the bill. That iconic sound of a screen door slam brings back memories of summers long ago. Today’s screen doors may sound the same, but they’re now made from more durable wood and screens to last through many summers–slamming is optional.

It’s Easy-Breezy

On cool summer nights, nothing beats opening up the windows and doors to let in some fresh air. Unfortunately, you can’t just leave any door wide open unless you want insects and possibly a bat keeping you company. Screen doors make everything easy breezy, allowing you to let in the summer night, but keep out the creepy crawlies!

Perfect Over Any Door

With just the right touch of style and convenience, a screen door is the perfect solution for a back or front entrance. It’ll bring back fond memories and your house will feel much cooler on those gorgeous summer nights.

Tony Jimenez
Tony Jimenez

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