5 Hip Replacement Pre-Surgery Planning Tips

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As people begin to age, it’s not uncommon for them to have a decrease in bone density. And when this happens, sometimes it can result in their bones becoming so fragile that certain parts of their body require surgical attention; especially in cases like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis where sometimes it can be painful to do day-to-day activities.

If this is something that you or a loved one has been battling with and a doctor has recommended hip replacement surgery in order to remedy the situation, it’s important that you know about the things that you should do as you prepare for the surgical procedure. So, we have provided you a list of what should be done six weeks to the day before your surgery; just so that you can be well-prepared.

Six weeks before surgeryHip Replacement Pre-Surgery Planning Tips

You might find it interesting that we’re starting out six weeks prior to a hip replacement surgery, but the reality is that even then, there is a lot to do. You should schedule your pre-op visit to the hospital. You should check with your insurance company to confirm what they’ll be covering. You should speak with the individuals who will be assisting you at home during the first couple of weeks after your surgery. You should also start doing some strengthening exercises. It will help to speed up the recovery process if you do.

Three weeks before surgery

Once you reach approximately three weeks before your surgery, it is then time to actually go to your pre-op appointment. It’s also a good idea to start getting your home ready for your recovery. Remember, if you live in a house that has stairs and your bedroom happens to be on the second floor, you’re definitely going to need to temporarily move downstairs. Climbing is something that you’re not going to be able to do for several weeks.

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Two weeks before surgery

Two weeks prior to your surgery, it’s now time to stock up on menus/meals that will be easy for you and those taking care of you to prepare. If you have a pet, you should arrange for a family member or friend to care for them. Also, if you’re planning on recovering at someone else’s house, arrange for your mail and newspapers to either be picked up by a neighbor or for the delivery to be temporarily suspended. (Keep in mind that you should still be doing your exercises during this time.)

One week before surgery

If your doctor has provided you with reading material or videos to watch in order to prepare you for the surgery or to educate you further on things like the direct anterior approach, make sure that you take advantage of all of the information. It will help to ease your mind a week before the procedure. Also, this would be the time to pack your bag for the hospital stay. And, if you happen to catch a cold or flu during this time, alert your physician. You need to be in ideal health going into the surgery.

The day before surgery

The day before your surgery, make sure that you have picked out something comfortable to wear, that you have confirmed who will be taking you to the hospital and that you have followed all of the instructions that your doctor provided about what you should eat or drink before arriving at the hospital. All of these things will make the day of your surgery easier. For more information on hip replacement surgery and all that it entails, visit Web MD and put “hip replacement surgery” in the search field.

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