5 Swimming Pool and Spa Water-Saving Tips

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Owning a pool or spa can be a real joy. During a hot summer, a backyard pool can be an excellent way to escape the heat and bring the family together. And on a cold evening, a spa can be a great way to warm up. Unfortunately, water waste comes with the territory of owning a pool or spa. But conserving your pool water and reducing your water waste is not as challenging as you might think. Below are five ways to help you reduce water waste with your pool or spa.

Splash Troughs:Swimming Pool and Spa Water-Saving Tips

Every time someone gets out of the pool, you lose water. It may not seem like much, but over time it can add up to a significant amount of wasted water that you must pay to replace. One of the easiest ways to reduce the water that people carry out of the pool is to install splash troughs. Splash troughs act like storm drains around your pool. Whenever someone gets out of the pool, the water on their body falls into the trough, through the filter and is pumped back into the pool. In a way, it’s like a local water-recycling program for your pool.

Reduce Backwashing:

Another great way to reduce water waste for your pool or spa is to reduce your backwashing. Backwashing is the process by which you clean your filters. Sand filters, which are the most common, require you to wash out the filter from time to time and then pump that used water out into a predetermined location. While a sand filter is easier to maintain than a cartridge filter, backwashing a sand filter creates a significant amount of additional water use.

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Many pools or spa owners understandably like to start their season out with a fresh and clean pool. However, fully draining a pool is one of the most wasteful processes a pool owner can undergo. If a pool is properly maintained, many experts say you can wait years between drainings. If you don’t want to waste hundreds of gallons of water, consider leaving the water in your pool for just one more year.

Recycle Drained Water:

If and when you decide to drain your pool or spa, there are ways you can reuse that water to help reduce your waste. One of the best ways to use this water is to use it to hydrate your garden. Assuming your plants are chlorine tolerant, you can use a significant amount of this water to feed water-conserving plants in your yard.


Evaporation is a silent water waster. During a hot summer, you can lose up to half of your pool’s water due just to evaporation, forcing you to refill your pool regularly. An inexpensive way to stop this is to buy a pool cover. A pool cover can help reduce evaporation by up to 95% while also helping to control the temperature of the water when it’s not in use. Consider investing in a pool or spa cover to help you save water and money.

Water conservation does not mean you have to get rid of your pool or spa. By following these above tips, you can do your part to help save water while still enjoying the comfort of your pool. For more information on installing a swimming pool cover or other water-saving equipment, contact Royal Swimming Pools.

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