Programming tips to be a better programmer

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I have been programming for several years, at the web level the language that I like the most, or at least the one that I master the most is PHP, I am going to try to give some programming tips that have really helped me a lot during my learning.

The study, Study, And Study

Studying allows us to perfect ourselves, the more we study the more opportunities to program the better we will have, I am not only talking about universities, nor about courses, today thanks to the internet there are countless tutorials and manuals, without going further the official PHP site is really very good.

Search Before Asking

This is a common evil that you want to learn programming. It is easier to ask someone who knows, but it really does not have to be like that for several reasons, first because it is something very lazy, then that when someone gives us the easy answer we do not learn anything, the interesting thing when we are presented with a problem is to look for the solution ourselves, if not we find the answer just then ask, this exercise is really very beneficial, it allows us to prepare our heads to solve future problems.

Look For Already Developed Scripts

In general, we can find many functions and ready-to-use scripts, but the interesting thing is to study them, and see how they work, from there we learn if we copy and paste we go wrong.

Read The Free Source Code

I often download some applications to see how they are programmed, and you really learn a lot, and as we do this practice we will learn more and more, especially if these applications are of popular use where thousands of programmers in the world “put” their hand to improve it. A good example of this is WordPress.

Don’t Copy And Paste

It’s easy, we go to google, look for a function that works for what we need and that’s it. But the reality is that what we download is not always correct, and if we later have to solve a problem, it is most likely that we will not have a clue where to start. Not to mention the zero learning factor that this practice implies.

Find The Moment To Program

You are sitting in front of your computer, they call by phone, your co-worker or family member asks you something, it really is the most annoying and uncomfortable thing there is, it is difficult to concentrate, it is preferable to do something more “Light” before programming something wrong and then having to fix it.

Have Your Own Wiki

I highly recommend this, it is very easy to install a Wiki on our PC, we can simply download Easyphp and have a functional server in our order, and even better if you want to do the installation “by hand” “. The wiki is interesting to be able to store routines that we use frequently, in my case I usually save validations, etc. Once we have learned how to do something and we have it as well as possible, it is interesting to have it at hand so as not to waste time writing the same thing over and over again.

Comment Everything That Is Necessary

Writing comments in the code is usually quite annoying and seems unnecessary, but commenting on the important things can save us a lot of time when we have to tweak the code months later.

Participate In Forums/Communities

It is interesting to interact with other people who are on the same page as us, many times we will help ourselves, and other times they can help us. In general, these communities have a very good vibe. And mutual help is what abounds, a few lines of code can be useful for many people, which is why everyone can improve. Remember to respect point 2.

Talk To Other Programmers

Instant messaging, in a cafe, on the phone, etc. It is interesting to have friends who are in the same, not only because of the issue of mutual help, these groups are usually also of “emotional” help to the programmer, some jokes, and some comments can be an injection of energy to continue with a problem that we can’t solve.

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