7 iMovie alternatives for Windows

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iMovie is a popular video editing program from Apple, for which there are also alternatives in Windows. If we search well, there are similar options with which to modify our clips in a simple and intuitive way.

It is unusual for the Apple brand to launch its software on other operating systems, and iMovie is exclusive to macOS and iOS. However, it is not difficult to find valid alternatives on other platforms. And now we are going to review those of Windows.

If you need to create home videos or even simple montages for YouTube, these alternatives to iMovie can perfectly serve it:

Best iMovie alternatives for Windows

Windows Movie MakeriMovie alternatives

We first mention Windows Movie Maker because it is one of the first alternatives that many come to mind in front of iMovie. But we mention it to discourage it, and not only because of its age.

Windows Movie Maker is discontinued by Microsoft, which does not offer official download links. So some cybercriminals have taken advantage of launching fake versions with malware that take advantage of the popularity of this program between 2000 and 2012.

In conclusion, you can use Windows Movie Maker if you have it installed on your PC, or even download it using the secure link that we provide to the Internet Archive, a website dedicated to saving old content so that it doesn’t get lost. But it is by far the least desirable of these alternatives to iMovie.

Windows 10 photos

The latest version of the most popular operating system brings the Photos app, with a video editor included. Therefore, it is one of the first alternatives to consider, since it is free and included by default.

In fact, in the Start menu now comes an app called “Video Editor”, although it is simple direct access to Photos. The editor itself is simple, but easy to use, and has the options that the basic user may need.

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FilmoraiMovie alternatives

Filmora is a video editor for PC and Mac that is quite easy to use. Even for the inexperienced user. While allowing us to delve into different functions as we master them.

Filmora is not free, it costs around 40 euros, which can turn anyone looking for alternatives to iMovie, which Apple offers for free on macOS and iOS. Although it is also true that Filmora brings some extra functions that can come in handy.

If you are interested in this editor, take a look at our Filmora review to know its benefits and download the trial version for Windows.

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BlenderiMovie alternatives

Although it is difficult to classify Blender among the direct alternatives to iMovie, it is such a powerful program that meets the needs of the average user. Blender, in principle, is a 3D content creation suite, which covers the entire process.

That means that it includes a fairly complete video editor, and also the program has no cost since it is free software. If we are not scared of all the other 3D modeling and animation options, Blender is one of the most interesting free alternatives to iMovie. Keep reading: sites like Omegle

ShotcutiMovie alternatives

We continue with the alternatives to iMovie, in this case with Shotcut, another suitable free software program to replace it. The design is different from iMovie, but in general, Shotcut works well.

The approach is more professional, and it’s a cross-platform editor, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, an advantage over iMovie, which only has versions for Apple devices.

Movie Maker Online

If we prefer an alternative to iMovie that does not need installation, we can choose Movie Maker Online. It is an online video editor accessible from any web browser. The service has no cost, does not add a watermark in the videos, and works quite well.

Of course, the interface is not too careful, so we will have to spend some time understanding it. For a not very demanding user, it can be used to get out of trouble. Although native programs are better alternatives to iMovie in general.

Movavi Video Editor

The last of these alternatives to iMovie for Windows is Movavi Video Editor. A fairly complete program to cut, join, make montages, retouch. With the usual timeline interface and extensive options, but that is not overwhelming.

Movavi Video Editor is available for free to try, although the full version has a cost. We advise you to take a look at our Movavi Video Editor review to get to know it thoroughly and to know if it adapts to your needs.

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