Essential tips to be a good programmer

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If you are starting your career as a programmer or you are already an expert but still want to reach another level, then this “route” is for you because we have been collecting everything you need to know if you want to know how to be a good programmer.

Tips to be a good programmer

We all want to know the secret of how to be a good programmer and for this, it is important that we keep in mind that to be a “star developer” we must dedicate time to our work, open ourselves to changes, keep ourselves in constant training and experiment again and again.

So let’s take a look at some of the tips that Peter Matisko shares with us in his post ” 20 Tips to Immediately Become a Better Programmer “.

Understand the Business Behind Each Project

Tips to be a programmer

It is a good idea that as a programmer you focus on your work. However, when you do it for someone else, it is important that your tasks are aligned with the objectives of the company you work for. Many times it is important to raise your head from time to time and look beyond what is being done and learn the purpose behind it. There is always a client with their needs, budgets, commercial concepts, and expectations.

If as a programmer you understand the big picture of what you do, then your work can be much more aligned and with a better result.

Participate in Forums, Teach And Share Your Knowledge

If you already have experience in the area, it is good that you share your experience with others. Many times as a programmer you get help from other people in the community, so why not give them back a little of what they once gave you?

Teaching creates not only an opportunity to deepen knowledge but also to better articulate it.

You can even find people who handle a completely different style of code than yours and start a discussion, and exchange ideas and opinions. This is a good way to learn. You can access Stack Overflow to meet a community of people just like you.

Do Not Limit Yourself to A Single Language

It is quite likely that you will frequently find content speaking wonderfully about a specific language and claiming that others are horrible. For example “databases vs. NoSQL”, “Symfony vs Nette“, “Nginx vs. Apache” and so on if the list continues…

However, the recommendation is that you don’t take this comparison too seriously and find for yourself which languages ​​​​or programs are best suited to you and your work because not all tools are useful in the same situation.

Be open to trying new technology regardless of which one is your favorite. And for this, we want to recommend this article: “ Programming languages ​​that you should know for this 2021 ”. You may find one that catches your eye.

Accept the Changes (And Rewrite The Change When Necessary)

Evaluate your work whenever necessary and don’t be afraid to start from scratch when the situation calls for it. Many times rewriting your code can be an opportunity to improve your original work.

Develop Good Work Habits

According to Jun Wu in his post “How to become a better developer ” it is important that you develop good habits so that you can increase your productivity as a developer.

Some of these good practices may include:

  • Dedicate two hours a day to learning new concepts
  • Exercise before starting the workday
  • Dedicate free time to other activities
  • Read at least one monthly book on a topic related to your work (we recommend some later)
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours. (Believe it or not, getting enough rest is important to do a good job)

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