Working a Convention for the First Time

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Setting up a display booth for the first time at a convention is a big responsibility. Take care that you don’t make any rookie mistakes and you’ll get high praise for the big buzz you create.

Heavy Lifting

Working at a convention isn’t all about standing behind a table and demonstrating a product. There is much packing and unpacking to be done. Although there is usually a place to pull your vehicle up close to a door to unload, it isn’t always the case. Be prepared to tote your boxes a long distance and sometimes even upstairs. Invest in a dolly or cart with 4 inch caster wheels because too much heavy lifting can wear you out before the convention has even started.

Pack Pizazz

People are drawn to booths that have lights, fun freebies or games for prizes. Make sure you bring a colorful banner to hang at the back of the booth so those behind the first row of people can see what you’re all about. Load your table with printed insignia like pens, t-shirts and bags. Pre-stuff each bag with some literature about your company and its products. Set up a putting green, wheel of fortune, raffle or other simple game and give a selection of prizes for those who win. Give anyone who participates a small prize just for playing.

Dress the Part

Don’t make convention goers wonder if you go with the table when they need to ask a question. Wear a silly hat, an “ask me” button or even a costume if it’s appropriate for what you’re selling. If you have hired helpers, make sure they are easily identifiable with bright t-shirts. At least one item you wear should have the company logo on it so that you are always advertising even when you’re taking a break.

Working a convention can be exhilarating, especially if you really believe in your product. Make your first experience at “tableing” a positive one by planning ahead for a successful convention.

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