5 Things Stupid Criminals Always Do

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If you have been keeping up with the news lately, then you would know that another stupid criminal has made the headlines. This time it was a young man named Marc Sporn, who jumped out a window after he was being arrested because he did not want to go back to jail for violating his probation. So what other dumb things do stupid criminals do? We’ll take a look at this top five breakdown.

  1. Leave wallet behind: Look it up, this one happens a lot more than you may think it does. Criminals commonly leave their wallets behind at the scene of the crime and then wonder how they ever got caught.
  2. Post to Facebook: Recently a pair of dumb criminals posted to Facebook after they robbed a bank. They were shown with wads of cash and were gloating about how suddenly rich they were. Within hours of the post, detectives tracked them down and made the arrest.
  3. Complain about headshots on Facebook: A man was on the lam when he noticed that police had posted his mugshot on Facebook. He hated what it looked like and sent them a new one instead. Within hours he was apprehended because they were able to trace his location.
  4. Return to the scene of a crime: For whatever reasons, criminals like to return to the scene of a crime afterward. Maybe they forgot something. Maybe they are curious about what it looks like. You’d be surprised at how many have been caught just because of this curiosity spell.
  5. Get stuck in chimneys: This is the best one. Seriously. Look up on Google how many times criminals get stuck in chimneys, and you would not believe the results. One kid was missing for years because he broke into a remote cabin and got stuck in the chimney and starved to death.

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