3 Ways To Make Extra Money

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Whether you need to cover an unexpected expense or you just want to put away some extra mad money, you have probably wondered how you can make some extra cash at some point. Here are three ways you can make some extra cash.

1. Sell Recyclable Materials

Selling recyclables, such as glass bottles, aluminum cans or paper products, can be a quick way to make a little extra cash while also doing something good for the environment. You can earn some money by saving your bottles, cans and paper products, or you can pick up trash along roadways and other places where litter is a problem. If you have an old car or other object made of metal that you can not get anyone to buy, you might consider checking current scrap metal prices PA. You may be able to sell your item for the value of the scrap metal it contains.

2. Sell Your Old Clothes

Most people have clothes in their closet that they never wear because they no longer fit, their style has changed or it was an impulse buy that looked good on the rack, but lost its luster when they brought it home. You can turn your unloved clothing items into cash by selling them online, having a garage sale or selling them through a local consignment shop.

3. Use Cashback Apps

Cashback apps, such as Rakuten, Ibotta, Shopkick and Receipt Hog, will pay you money for your purchases. Some of these apps, such as Rakuten, offer set rebates or a percentage of your purchase. Others, like Ibotta, have cashback offers that work similarly to coupons and require you to submit a receipt or link your loyalty card to collect.

Whatever reason you need some extra cash, these three methods can help you get it. You probably will not get rich, but the money does add up over time.

Tony Jimenez
Tony Jimenez

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