How To Prevent Rugs From Being Ruined By Moths

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Buying carpet is something you do as a way to cover your entire floor but rugs are best suited for placement in various parts of the room. But when those rugs become infested with moths, watch out. You could have a major problem on your hands, one that results in a significant amount of damage to your rugs and possibly even the clothes in your closet.

When you think of moths, you don’t feel the same fear or concern as you might when hearing your home has been invaded by spiders or there’s a massive hornet’s nest outside your bedroom window. Someone says moth, you shrug and move on with your day.

That is until you take a look at your beautiful $25,000 rug and find that it’s suffered a catastrophic amount of damage. Now the common, frail moth is a serious threat to your home’s appearance and your finances.

So here’s how to prevent that from happening. Read on and you’ll see that you need to do quite a bit of work to make sure you’ve fully eradicated those moths for good:


It begins with giving your entire home a good vacuuming. You will need to do every room, every nook, and cranny. But start with vacuuming your rugs. The front and the back. Leave no area to chance. Get under all of your furniture and pull aside curtains to get at those hard to reach spots.

UV RaysPrevent Rugs From Being Ruined By Moths

The sun is going to be a powerful ally in wiping out the moth scourge from your rugs. Bring all of them outside and hang them up in an area that gets a full blast of direct sunlight.

You may have vacuumed thoroughly but chances are good you missed some of the eggs that might have been laid by the moths you did manage to eliminate. It’s not just the heat but the ultraviolet rays of the sun that will destroy those eggs and prevent them from hatching new moths to replace the ones you wiped out already. Be sure the back of the rugs gets a full dose of fresh sunlight as well. Leave nothing to chance here.

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As you probably guessed, you will need to have your rugs professionally cleaned. Call your local carpet cleaning company in Littleton and tell them you found moths in the rug. They will deep clean and sanitize the rug to give any remaining moths and their filth the heave-ho for good.

The carpet cleaner can also do a full diagnosis of the damage and offer some possible solutions as to what can be done to repair it. Depending on the extent, you may need to have some areas rewoven or shaved and then sheared so as to reduce the aesthetic effects of the damage that’s been done.

If we’re talking about a substantial amount of moth damage, you could always have the rug dyed so that the damage is obscured from view. Only you would know what was ruined and some dye jobs are so good, even you may not even notice the difference.

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