Comparing Windows: Casement vs Double Hung Windows

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Casement or double-hung. It’s a debate as old as time. Okay, maybe not THAT old but homeowners have long been mulling over this decision when it comes to installing new replacement windows. The choice ultimately falls on you to make, but we can offer you some advice as you weigh your options. So let’s get to it, casement or double-hung? Here are the facts:

How Casement Windows WorkCasement vs Double Hung Windows

A casement window is opened and shut using a crank that can be operated rather easily with one hand. When they open they extend out from the exterior of your home to let in the fresh air. Casement windows are typically placed in areas that are a little tougher to reach and you don’t have the leverage to lift a double-hung. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular areas to have casement windows.

How Double-Hung Windows Work

A double-hung window is a traditional window that might come to mind when you think about windows. You lift the bottom sash up for air while the top sash usually remains stationary, though there are some double-hung windows where both sashes can be moved.

Why Casement is Best

Besides the fact that casements are a little more unique in terms of how they work, they also offer a modern and unusual aesthetic that you don’t see on every house. Their contemporary design is better suited for newer homes with unusual architectural styles, but they can certainly be used on any other style from colonial to ranch. These windows also provide excellent energy efficiency as they are designed to seal uptight when they are shut. This can keep your cool air in while it’s hot outside and your warm air in when it’s freezing cold. Casements have been shown to help lower energy bills over time. They’re also easy to open and close, relying only on a single crank to do the work. Casements may also add some higher resale value to the home since they are more uncommon to most homes over double-hung which you can find on almost every home. Look around at your windows. Chances are they’re double-hung.

Why Double-Hung is Best

Consumers who want a reliable window that can fit with just about every style of home in any room of the house will turn to double-hung. Colonials and historic houses will almost always use this type exclusively. They’re also perfect for installing window air conditioners, providing just enough space to put it in and keep a tight seal around the perimeter so air can’t escape. Casement windows have no shot of accommodating a window air conditioning unit. These windows are also easy to open and close and will always remain that way if the crank on your casement window fails for any reason, you won’t be opening or closing it again until the crank is repaired. With double-hung windows, you lift the sash up when you want it open, pull the sash back down when you want it shut. No additional hardware is necessary.

Whichever type you choose for your window installation project, call Renewal by Andersen to see all of the options available in either style.

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