What is the best cooking food

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One of the biggest problems I see when people ask me about what kind of food to eat is that no one cares how they should be cooked.

Surely you have ever followed a strict diet and even achieved results, and all this without taking into account the best cooking of food.

Are there really differences? The answer is yes. Well, depending on the technique you use when cooking food, you will be causing them to lose some of their properties or even acquire elements that are harmful to your body.

Do you dare to cook in a healthy way?

Avoid high temperaturesbest cooking food

You have most likely heard of having to cook food to kill harmful agents and bacteria that they may contain raw. But beware! It has been shown that when cooking is carried out at high temperatures, nutrients begin to be lost and free radicals appear, as well as the dreaded transgenic fats.

Therefore, you have to try to cook the food to the minimum possible temperature but high enough so that the food does not remain raw. It is true that it sounds difficult and even messy, but in a very short time you will get the point to each recipe and each cooking method, I tell you from experience.

Boiled or steamed?best cooking food

You know that food can be cooked in almost an infinity of different ways, but which is the healthiest? Well, it depends on the food you are going to prepare. In principle I recommend the kitchen to steam, it is the least temperature reaches and allows to keep most of the nutrients from food. But for certain vegetables or vegetables, such as the case of spinach or carrots, it is much more advisable to boil them in water.

Of course, the worst method is the one you are imagining. Fry food. Because as I said before, high temperatures are not beneficial and if you add the use of oil, an explosive mixture can be generated for your body.

Therefore, it is useless to weigh the food, follow a strict diet, and do physical exercise, if you do not take care of one of the fundamental parts such as cooking. A few years ago I did not worry about this aspect either but the truth is that since I pay attention to cooking I have noticed it very positively in my body.

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